Friday, November 1, 2013


Can it possibly be November?!  Amazing, really, but October was so busy!  On the last day of October, I finished my Schnibbles top, Clover!  The pattern was making four patches, but it got to be kind of a challenge laying it out because it was done on my dining room table in poor lighting conditions.  

 I've been thinking about what Sinta (pinkpincushion) said to me in an email this morning about it looking different, but she liked it.  Well, as I'm posting pictures here to my blog and trying to figure out how to connect my Flickr downloads, it dawns on me why my Schnibbles Clover is different!  I can hardly believe it...but I do :-(  Comparing my quilt top to the photo on the pattern, I've turned rows of 4 patches the wrong way!! Three horizontal rows of four patches are turned up and down instead of sideways...I'm totally bummed...
So, what did I learn?!  Take PHOTOS of my projects and study the colors, layout, and such carefully!  It would have been so easy to fix, but now it's just going to have to remain different! :-)  Another lesson learned!  

Two charm packs of the High Street collection by Lily Ashbury for Moda Fabrics were used to make this approximately 39"x39" quilt top.  
This will be fun to quilt on my Baby Lock if I can ignore those four patches! :-)
Much thanks to Sinta at Pink Pincushion and Thelma at Cupcakes 'n Daisies.  Its been a fun parade and a wonderful introduction to the Schnibbles patterns.  



  1. I LOVE your inadvertant mistake. It does give a different look to it, but I like it ver much. It makes yours unique.

  2. I wouldn't have even been able to point out what was different between your Clover and the cover quilt except for the bright colors. I really like the fabric you chose. No matter where you hang it, it's bound to brighten the spot up.

  3. Your "mistake" is beautiful :-) I love how it looks :-)

  4. It gives it personality and I like it's spunk.

  5. Would you please post a photo of the completed quilt!