Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday!

Oh happy day!  I started a new project yesterday and that's the November Schnibbles...a pattern called "Morning Joe".  Some of my best thinking is over that cup of morning coffee.  This pattern is just making me happy!  It's wonderful and pictures will be shown soon.  

I also made the first block of the Quilty Fun Sew Along ... and this is just gonna be a very fun project!  It will be scrappy, using no specific collection of fabrics ... and will most likely be a fun "stash builder" project! :-) Wouldn't some Pam Kitty fabrics be an awesome addition?!

In this past month, my 12 barns were sewn together, the backing prepared and off to the quilter its gone!  

I had some great input from my friends at the local quilt shop (Block Therapy).  It was their suggestion that instead of a John Deere tractor that I make it a Debbie Miner tractor...and so it is!  :-)

More projects in progress: 
My City Sampler blocks!  I'm up to block 64!  That's 64 six inch blocks!  I've finally gotten organized with my fabrics for these and its going a little faster...and its so much fun! (of course, everything I've been doing is just Fun!) Here are a few I've finished...

My photos aren't that great and I see that one is upside down :-( Please forgive my newbie state with posting pictures. 
As this day began and progresses, I'll continue to be thinking about the fabrics and patterns that I want to use for a special quilt for my brother and sister-in-law.  I've got her favorite colors in mind.  And then, there's the pouches I want to make all my special girls and girlfriends for Christmas. I'll be using a Moda Bake Shop pattern and the mini-charms.  

My dogs are bugging me for breakfast...we are back up to four dogs now.  Darling Steven brought home a rescue...and I love her!  The chickens are probably ready to be let out too.  
Coffee is cold, sun is getting warmer...I'm off to a happy Friday! xoxo

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